New single "Leaving" out now!

july 1 2020

After almost a year my new song ”Leaving” is finally out!

This pop anthem about leaving a destructive relationship. A topic we cannot talk about often enough since domestic violence is such a prominent problem in the world. So now you can listen to it on all streaming plattforms and I hope you will.


Manifest on tour

november 29 2019

I was selected to this years Manifest on Tour. A showcase festival were the participants get to do a livegig and attend a meetup with people in the buisness to get coaching and feedback in their performance and artistry. So I and three other acts got to go to Sundsvall and play at Pipeline and got to meet many wonderful people in the buisness. It was great to be a participant and I feel so lucky to have been selected. Now I have some new tools to keep developing my music. Thank you for that Manifest on Tour!


New ep "Fangirl" out now!

may 31 2019

Today I'm releasing my new EP "Fangirl". It's my second EP and is inspired by the fandoms and nerd cultures in my life. Every song is inspired by my favorite books, films and TV-series like "Doctor Who", "Breaking Bad" "Gerald's game" and "Harry Potter". The title is inspired by Sam Maggs book "the fangirl's guide to the galaxy". Like previous releases I've written, produced and mixed the EP myself. The mastering was done by Frida Claesson Johansson and the artwork was made by Moa-Stina Lindström. This is by far the best production I've made! I'm so proud of it and it feels so good to finally be able to share it with you! Fangirl is available on all digital streaming services. Enjoy!


Gig at 1göteborg

April 27 2019 gothenburg

This week-end I did my first two solo-gigs in Gothenburg. It was during 1Göteborg (one Gothenburg), a new festival that strives to create more integration and diversity in Gothenburg, a cause that I naturally wanted to support. I played one 10-minutes gig at Blå Stället and then a 30-minutes gig at Tidblom's pub in the evening. It felt awesome to be a part of such an important cause and I'm so grateful to alla of you who came and listened. Now I can't wait to do more gigs like these.


new ep on the way

April 11 2019

This spring I've been working on a new EP and now I can finally announce that it will be released on May 31. The name of the EP is "Fangirl" and is inspired by nerd-culture and my favorite books, TV-series and movies within the fantasy, horror and sci-fi genres. I'm looking forward to release it to you.


photo: take me to paisley

Release: broaden your horizon

april 5 2019

Today amazing artist Take me to Paisley is releasing her debut single "Broaden your horizon". I have written some music and produced, mixed and mastered the song and I feel so proud of what we have accomplished together. It's such an important song and I feel lucky ta have been a part of its release. You can listen to the song on Spotify and other streaming services.


photo: tina umer

club night with vkbp-clubcollectiv

23 march 2019 gothenburg

After months of planning it was finally time for club night!. It was all of us who had been attending the Vem kan bli producent (who can become a producer)- program who arranged it and it became a night full of live-performances, DJ:ing and fun. It was my first gig in Gothenburg and I'm so grateful that I gat to do it with all my amazing companions from the program. Now I can't wait to do more gigs like this!